WARNING....a freeze is upon us!

WARNING! There will be a freeze tonight. Are you prepared? With temperatures getting as low as 29° over the weekend, we here at Goodbee Plumbing, want to make sure you are ready. Here are couple of tips to prevent your pipes from freezing or worse, breaking:

1) If your house is raised, wrap your pipes well and make sure to run your water through the night. No more than a slow drip, but enough to keep the water flowing. It is best to run water on multiple faucets.
2) For slab houses, make sure to run your water through the night. Again, no more than a drip, but enough to keep the water flowing. It is best to run water on multiple faucets.

This will allow for a constant flow of water to assist in the prevention of your pipes from freezing or breaking. If you have any questions about these prevention methods, please call our office at any time. We are here to help!
Now, if the unfortunate happens and you forget to protect your pipes or you didn’t read this lovely blog and your pipes do freeze or break...no need to panic! Goodbee Plumbing will be here all weekend. We will have all of our professionally trained technicians here and prepared for any issues that may arise from this freeze.

One last tip! As we are animal lovers at Goodbee Plumbing, we just want to add a friendly reminder to please bring your animals in tonight. It will be below freezing and if you feel the cold then they feel the cold too!

Stay warm! 

Leak Detection! Got leaks?

Got leaks?

Seems like an easy enough question doesn’t it? Common leaks are easily diagnosed, right? I mean water shows itself doesn’t it? Well, what if it’s not so cut and dry? ;)

• What if there are no obvious signs where the water is coming from?
• What if there are no visible signs of water, but you have an over inflated water bill?
• What if your pool is losing water?

If any of these “what ifs” sound familiar. We can help.

The professionally trained staff at Goodbee Plumbing is now providing leak detection services.

• We use the latest, state of the art, equipment to locate leaks wherever those leak may be.
• This technology allows Goodbee Plumbing to pinpoint your leak with accurate results.
• This technology allows Goodbee Plumbing to be minimally invasive, we will locate leaks without breaking concrete, opening sheetrock or digging up your yard.
So, if you are not sure if you have a leak or where the source of your leak may be call Goodbee Plumbing and let us help you.

Career Opportunity

Please call the office at anytime for information regarding career opportunities available with Goodbee Plumbing, Inc.

Do you know about RootX?

Ok friends, let’s talk about RootX. Being that Goodbee Plumbing primarily serves St. Tammany and Tangipahoa Parish and most of our family lives in St. Tammany Parish, we are all very well acquainted with trees…and with trees, come roots! Some areas are obviously more wooded than others, but either way, with RootX it will be ok! Your pipes are safe with us, as always. So, let’s break down what RootX is. It is a foaming treatment that Goodbee Plumbing deposits into your sewer line, septic system, or storm pipe to prevent and/or remove root intrusion. Root intrusion can rapidly lead to broken or blocked pipes…which both are expensive and inconvenient to deal with! RootX is an alternative to having to completely redo that intruded upon line. We highly recommend using RootX treatment. It is safe and affordable! That foaming treatment mentioned above is made up of environmentally friendly components. (This next part is taken right from the RootX Website. www.rootx.com) “RootX kills roots using the aquatic herbicide Dichlobenil. It’s non-caustic, non-fumigating and non-systemic, and it contains no diquat dibromide, copper sulfate or metam sodium. RootX will not harm pipes, septic systems or above-ground vegetation”. You will be quizzed on those ingredients in order to receive the treatment. I lie! :) Anyway, if you do run into a situation where roots have breached your pipes, there is no need to stress. Once RootX is applied to your sewer line, septic system, or storm pipe the treatment kills the roots and solidifies in the pipe so if there is any new growth it cannot penetrate the pipe for up to 12 months! Now, that should put your mind at ease. We hope you never run into this problem, but if you do, you now know of an affordable way to treat it. Well, that is the gist! Again, Goodbee Plumbing offers and recommends this service. If you would like any additional information you can always call our office and speak to our professionals who are well educated about RootX treatment or browse the RootX website.

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